About Us


Alona and Daniela, sisters and best friends.
SEESTARZ is our story.

Our collection demonstrates our love for unique fashion, the kind that cannot be found in everyone's closet. Our passion for uniqueness is reflected in the bold colors, rugged designs and unconventional combinations. At the same time, you will find in our collection parts which are more refined and clean, reflecting our elegant side.

This mix, of classic and unpredictable, is our fashion statement.
Our story was born as a fashion blog while each of us had her own career - Daniela as an accountant and Alona as a lawyer.
 Our followers inspired us and gave us the courage to take our love one step further. We started a new path and created the collection we always dreamed of.

We are excited to share our story with you, hope you will fall in love with it and enjoy wearing it.
Alona and Daniela,